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The Davidson Group – Talent Showcase – September 2014

September 23rd, 2014

The Davidson Group is a leading recruitment agency serving the legal, technical, and financial industries.  Each month we highlight some of our best candidates.  Our September 2014 talent showcase includes: 

Candidate #3084034 – Sales Consultant – Northeast 

Sales consultant that brings 17 years of B2B experience and success in selling information services & premium online content, workflow solutions, SaaS & technology.  This includes selling both Cloud based and enterprise software with a specialty consulting with Legal and Compliance departments.

Relevant Experience and Skills:

  • Over 11 years at a world class, global leader in the area of intelligent information.
  • Personality that helps build trust to develop relationships with C-Level and senior executives.
  • Working with multiple buyers, decision makers influencers and business functions within an organization, including IT, Sales (Business Development), Procurement / Sourcing, Intellectual Property and more.
  • Ability to find & develop new business and grow existing accounts by finding new opportunities.
  • Leadership – working with partners in sales, marketing, product development. Selected to participate in multiple pilot programs.
  • Sandler Sales training.


  • Two time winner of Presidents Trip (top 10 – 15% of entire sales force).
  • Annual Century Club (100% +) attainment.
  • Regional sales representative of the Year (top dollar producer) on multiple occasions. 

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #3076701 – Senior Sales Executive - North

National Corporate Sales / Specialty Law Segments / Large Law Accounts

Extremely competitive, seasoned sales executive with over fifteen years of experience providing solutions for large law firms and Fortune 500 corporate legal and financial segments. I make the complex seem simple and the simple valuable.

Relevant Experience

  • Industry and specific product knowledge of financial and legal enterprise software, knowledge management products and specialty research solutions
  • Accomplished sales goals both working alone and in a team-setting
  • Exceeded sales targets at both mature, large corporations and at emerging, small corporations
  • Travel wizard and expert writer with money-driven approach to sales
  • Consistent innovator and contributor to product development, client satisfaction and overall success of sales force
  • Client corporate firms have included major Fortune 500 players.
  • Client law firms have included many high level AMLaw firms.


  • Over 11 straight years of above quota accomplishment for industry leader
  • Two National of-the-Year awards
  • Provided leadership and insight while leading break-through product introduction for US territory
  • Lobbied for and obtained largest, most profitable new publishing contract for industry leader
  • Directed two market innovations that either produced or retained seven figure revenue for industry leader
  • Licensed attorney, magna cum laude distinction

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #3331486 – Director of Sales – Northeast Territory

Proven Sales Leader with extensive experience leading teams to success in the online information/publishing and financial services space with a focus on Wall Street Research, SEC documents, Financial News, Corporate Actions, Investor Relations,  Market Studies, and Geopolitical Research.

Successful as a Sales Leader with roles as Director and VP on national and international levels, as well as a top individual performer.


Exceptional Sales and Marketing Experience:–Track record of meeting/exceeding sales goals directly as well as through sales teams and third-party channels.  Experience with the largest financial institutions, corporations and law firms worldwide.

Extensive Market Knowledge:–National and International Sales and Account Development to:  Buy-Side, Sell-Side, Hedge Funds, Investment Management Firms, Commercial Banks, Corporate 1000 and Top Law Firms involved in Finance.

Client Relations:–Reputation for establishing strong client relationships built on trust, responsiveness and commitment to service excellence.  Experience with C-Level including CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, Fund Managers, Investment Advisors, Research Analysts, Chief Economists, Mergers/Acquisitions, IR, PR, Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Trading and Technology, Partner.

Management:Experienced at leading sales and support teams to success on regional, national, and international levels.  Skilled in managing large geographic territories.  Exceptional at hiring, training, and developing talent as well as meeting revenue/profitability goals.

Product Development/Launch:–Successful at product development and launch and gaining insight into market opportunities and needs.

Startups—Key player in three successful startup companies bringing vision, drive, and a passion for excellence to new endeavors; a true entrepreneurial spirit.


*Consistently met or exceeded goals both as an individual as well as a team leader

*Instrumental in the success of three startup companies

*Opened first satellite Sales/Support office in NYC for company headquartered elsewhere in US.  Opened first Sales office for two companies headquartered in the U.K. and hired/trained/built teams for those companies

*Won the largest accounts to that date for three companies

*At one company, grew revenues 140 percent year over year

*At another company, increased sales from $800k to $12.4 million in 18 months

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #3807157 – Business Development Executive – Northeast

Electronic Discovery Professional

  • Seasoned Sales Executive with 10 years experience in the e-Discovery industry
  • Proven track record with closing deals with C-suite executives and senior partners
  • Experience with direct and channel selling

Relevant Experience:

  • Live demos of Predictive Coding / TAR technology
  • Live demos of hosting software
  • Direct sales to law firms and corporations
  • Hunter sales role with a proven record of establishing new territories
  • Working and managing an inside sales team
  • Experience with salesforce


  • Achieving yearly quota bonus
  • Closing the largest project in the employers history
  • Converting a competitor account to manage processing, hosting, and enhanced Machine translation
  • Establishing new clients with multiple hosting projects

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.


What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate

September 4th, 2014


Reposted with permission of Jeff Haden, Ghostwriter, Speaker, Inc. Magazine and Owner of BlackBird Media


Interview Blog Pic 082814


In the best interviews, job candidates say a lot and interviewers very little – after all, the interview is about the candidate, not the interviewer.

But there are a few things interviewers would like to tell job candidates well before the interview starts.

1. I want you to be likeable.

Obvious? Sure, but also critical. I want to work with people I like and who in turn like me.

So: I want you to smile. I want you to make eye contact, sit forward in your chair, and be enthusiastic. The employer-employee relationship truly is a relationship — and that relationship starts with the interview (if not before.)

A candidate who makes a great first impression and sparks a real connection instantly becomes a big fish in a very small short-list pond. You may have solid qualifications, but if I don’t think I’ll enjoy working with you, I’m probably not going to hire you.

Life is too short.

2. I don’t want you to immediately say you want the job.

Oh, I do want you to want the job — but not before you really know what the job entails. I may need you to work 60-hour weeks, or travel 80% of the time, or report to someone with less experience than you… so sit tight for a bit.

No matter how much research you’ve done, you can’t know you want the job until you know everything possible about the job.

3. I want you to stand out….

A sad truth of interviewing is that later I often don’t recall, unless I refer to my notes, a significant amount about some of the candidates. (Unfair? Sure. Reality? Absolutely.)

The more people I interview for a job and the more spread out those interviews, the more likely I am to remember a candidate by impressions rather than by a long list of facts.

So when I meet with staff to discuss potential candidates I might initially refer to someone as, “the guy with the bizarre stainless steel briefcase,” or “the woman who does triathlons,” or “the gentleman who grew up in Lichtenstein.”

In short, I may remember you by “hooks” – whether flattering or unflattering – so use that to your advantage. Your hook could be your clothing, or an outside interest, or an unusual fact about your upbringing or career. Better yet your hook could be the project you pulled off in half the expected time or the huge sale you made.

Instead of letting me choose, give me one or two notable ways to remember you.

4. … but not for being negative.

There’s no way I can remember everything you say. But I will remember sound bites, especially the negative ones – like the candidates who complain, without prompting, about their current employer, their coworkers, or their customers.

So if for example you hate being micro-managed, instead say you’re eager to earn more responsibility and authority. I get there are reasons you want a new job but I want to hear why you want my job instead of why you’re desperate to escape your old job.

And keep in mind I’m well aware our interview is like a first date. I know I’m getting the best possible version of “you.” So if you whine and complain and grumble now… I know you’ll be a real treat to be around in a few months.

5. I want you to ask lots of questions about what really matters to you…

I need to know whether I should hire you, but just as importantly I need you to make sure my job is a good fit for you.

So I want you to ask lots of questions: What I expect you to accomplish early on, what attributes make our top performers outstanding, what you can do to truly drive results, how you’ll be evaluated… all the things that matter to you and to me and my business.

You know what makes work meaningful and enjoyable to you. I don’t. There’s no other way to really know whether you want the job unless you ask questions.

6. … but only if the majority of those questions relate to real work.

I know you want a positive work-life balance. Still, save all those questions about vacation sign-up policies and whether it’s okay to take an extra half hour at lunch every day if you also stay a half hour late and whether I’ve considered setting up an in-house childcare facility because that would be really awesome for you and your family.

First let’s find out if you’re the right person for the job, and whether the tasks, responsibilities, duties, etc. are right for you.

Then we can talk about the rest.

7. I love when you bring a “project.”

I expect you to do a little research about my company. That’s a given.

To really impress me, use the research you’ve done to describe how you will hit the ground running and contribute right away – the bigger the impact the better. If you bring a specific skill, show how I can leverage that skill immediately.

Remember how I see it: I have to pay your salary starting day one, so I’d love to see an immediate return on that investment starting day one.

8. At the end I want you to ask for the job… and I want to know why.

By the end of the interview you should have a good sense of whether you want the job. If you need more information, say so and let’s figure out how to get what you need to make a decision.

If you don’t need more information, do what great salespeople do and ask for the job.

I’ll like the fact you asked. I want you to really want the job — but I also want to know why you want the job. So tell me why: You thrive in an unsupervised role, or you love working with multiple teams, or you like frequent travel.

Ask me for the job and prove to me, objectively, that it’s a great fit for you.

9. I want you to follow up… especially if it’s genuine.

Every interviewer appreciates a brief follow-up note. If nothing else, saying you enjoyed meeting me and are happy to answer any other questions is nice.

But “nice” may not separate you from the pack.

What I really like – and remember – is when you follow up based on something we discussed. Maybe we talked about data collection techniques and you send me information about a set of tools you strongly recommend. Maybe we talked about quality and you send me a process checklist you developed that I could adapt to use in my company. Or maybe we both like cycling, so you send me a photo of you on your bike in front of the sign at the top of the Col du Tourmalet (and I’m totally jealous.)

The more closely you listened during the interview, the easier it is to think of ways to follow up in a natural and unforced way.

Remember, we’re starting a relationship — and even the most professional of relationships are based on genuine interactions.


Everyone at The Davidson Group would like to extend their gratitude to Jeff Haden for granting permission to share his blog. If you are ready to take the next steps in your career or if you would like us to help strengthen your organization, please contact us for executive placement services. Give us a call at 415-893-1020 or drop us a note at You can search all of our current opportunities at

Talent Showcase – August 2014

August 21st, 2014

The Davidson Group is a leading recruitment agency serving the legal, technical, and financial industries.  Each month we highlight some of our best candidates.  Our August 2014 talent showcase includes:

Candidate #MB140714 – Director of Strategic Accounts – West Coast

Director of IT Sales, Consulting, Business Development and Management

  • Seasoned sales executive designing, consulting and selling comprehensive IT Solutions to the law firm vertical for 10 plus years
  • Also experienced and responsible for Marketing, Business Development, Management and enhancement of internal operations.  Strong emphasis on integrity, follow through and accountability.

Relevant Experience:

  • Strong understanding of systems integration and applications in a law firm environment: From Network infrastructure, virtualization, cloud, legal applications (Document Management, Litigation, Macros), Unified Communications, Storage, Disaster Recovery and Managed Service
  • Unique blend of business, technical and sales expertise to help ensure the value of recommendations during the consultative process.
  • Technical expertise in legal environments to help with architectural design in order to strive for seamless integration between applications where necessary.
  • Perform analysis on service history to identify trends on IT support for Clients, both from an hours and cost perspective.
  • Develop and continually encourage best practices on networking and prospecting.
  • Track record of consistently meeting and exceeding sales goals.
  • Develop marketing strategies for targeting legal vertical.
  • Implement Marketing campaigns through various mediums: from educational seminars, web demos, social media, and newsletters.
  • Identify and develop of strategies to introduce new technologies to legal industry
  • Promote collaboration and communication between the various departments to help create efficiencies and to build teamwork atmosphere.
  • Working with partners and vendors to ensure the best use of their expertise and resources when necessary.


  • Quadrupled annual sales revenue during 10 year period.
  • Contributed in the selection and enhancement of internal CRM and ticketing systems to automate and streamline processes.
  • Developed and grew sales/marketing team five times during tenure.
  • Assisted with the selection, development and automation of proposal system to improve turnaround time and enhance professional presentation.
  • Developed and continually refined Manage Services offering around IT maintenance, monitoring and support.
  • Involved with the research, evaluation and selections of Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service providers and then bringing cloud services to market.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #MJ290714 – Publisher and Head of Sales – Northeast

Multilingual business development and sales executive with more than 10 years of experience in international sales management, training and strategy.

Highly effective at converting in-person sales presentations into legitimate business opportunities, with a proven track record of negotiating sales deals with Managing and Senior Partners, C-suite executives and Marketing leads at top law firms around the world. 

Relevant Experience:  

  • Specializing in law firm sales and publishing
  • Manage and publish multiple international legal directories on topics such as Tax, Transfer Pricing, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Arbitration
  • Develop new and maintain existing relationships within an extensive network of regional and globally recognized law firms (including members of the AM Law 250 and Canadian Seven Sisters)
  • Manage a global team consisting of research, sales and editorial workstreams


  • Launched several leading B2B, law firm directories and events resulting in more than $3.8 million in annual sales
  • Introduced new Corporate Legal Services (CLS) products into specialized industry sectors (Litigation, Life Sciences) generating more than $1 million in annual revenue within five years
  • Successfully grew global customer base by leveraging current and newly developed brands in previously untapped foreign markets, including Canada, Asia and Europe

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #FJ200814 – Project Manager – Midwest Region

Relevant Experience and Accomplishments:

  • Over 7 years of experience implementing and training calendaring solutions for AmLaw 250 firms and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Managed multiple client projects from pre-sales through post-sales implementation including several large law firm projects with numerous databases across offices.
  • Assisted clients in mapping database fields to ensure optimal usage of the software.
  • Actively mentored, trained, supervised and supported new and existing clients to improve workflow and general professional skills.
  • Created project plans, tested and managed user adoption.
  • Repeatedly upsold additional project time and software solutions.
  • Proven leader by developing over a 220 page user manual, a basic and gold level certification program and agendas/outlines for online courses. Certified over 40 users.
  • Attained highest customer satisfaction ratings from our Enterprise clients.
  • Effective communicator between IT staff, sales, firm administrators and attorneys to maintain project status.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.



Candidate #BTS020704  – Vice President of Business Development – West Coast

Attorney and highly accomplished business executive with success in technology sales, business development and the creation, deployment and management of high performance sales teams nationally. 


Product market analysis and strategy, litigation and legal process outsourcing, data analytics, technology marketing, sales process design and implementation, revenue forecast and pipeline management, management of C-suite and AmLaw 100 partner client relationships, personnel hiring and management, sales onboarding and training, budgeting, revenue forecasting, team mentoring and motivation, executive team collaboration and consensus building and ability to effectively work within a start up and creative rapid growth environment.


  • Increases of sales revenue from 3 million to 20 million
  • Create and deploy national sales team for Asian based global legal support and data analytics company push into US market
  • Leverage global relationship to increase revenue from 10 million to 20 million
  • Create and grow regional sales organization from start up to successful acquisition by global enterprise
  • Create training and mentoring programs for sales teams of 8 to 15 reps
  • Individual contributions ranging from 3 to 5 million while managing teams
  • Close cooperation with product management and marketing to create effective branding strategies and evolution of service and software

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact or call us at 415-893-1020.


15 Strange Interview Questions

July 31st, 2014

Ah Ha Image

Below are 15 fun, difficult, exciting and/or somewhat strange questions asked by hiring managers in a job interview. How would you answer the following questions, and what do you think the underlying reasons are for hiring managers to ask them?

1.  Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?

2.  If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

3.  In three sentences, how would you explain to an 8 year old what a database is?

4.  Why are manhole covers round?

5.  How does the internet work?

6.  With only the hint “higher” or “lower”, what is the minimum number of guesses needed to find a number between 1 & 1000?

7.  Are you more of a hunter or gatherer?

8.  If you were a pizza delivery person, how would you benefit from having scissors?

9.  If you were on an island and could bring three things, what would you bring?

10.  Do you believe in Bigfoot?

11.  You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

12.  How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the U.S. each year? 

13.  Describe to me the process and benefits of wearing a seat belt?

14.  How many snow shovels were sold in the U.S. last year?

15.  What is your least favorite thing about humanity?

Let us know of any extraordinary questions you’ve been asked in a job interview.  We’d love to hear them!

If you are ready to take the next steps in your career or if you would like us to help strengthen your organization, please contact The Davidson Group for executive placement services. Give us a call at 415-893-1020 or drop us a note at You can search all of our current opportunities at


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