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Meet Us at LEGALTech Los Angeles 2013

May 14th, 2013

The Davidson Group is looking forward to attending LEGALTech – Los Angeles on May 21st.  If you would like to get together for coffee to discuss opportunities, trends in the marketplace or about building your team, please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.  The best number to use is 415-893-1020 or e-mail Don Davidson at

We’ll see you in L.A.!!!

How Companies Benefit by Hiring a Recruiter

April 4th, 2013
By The Davidson Group * April 4, 2013

It is not unusual for hiring managers or companies to question the best way to find talented individuals to grow their team.  They wonder, should they use a recruiter or try to find talent on their own?  What are the costs versus the benefits in hiring a recruiter to locate and introduce candidates for a company?  Here are a few valid points explaining the value a good recruiter can bring to the table while finding you talented candidates.

  • The recruiter saves time and resources for the company, hiring managers, and the human resource department in the following ways:
    • Recruiters cut through the overwhelming job opening responses eliminating the inexperienced or under qualified applicants.
    • A recruiter will spend hours and digging through databases looking for the ideal candidate whereas most companies do not have the time to research candidates in-depth.
    • Most recruiters will work 40+ hours a week leading sometimes to just one candidate who can make it through the hiring process.  Their abilities to sift through names and to motivate change take an incredible amount of time that no company can afford to do on their own.
  • The recruiter continues the support for the hiring process with organizing interviews, mediating the feedback of all parties involved, maximizing the chances of acceptance of a job offer, and sometimes conducting reference and background checks.
  • Recruiters can be very connected with professionals within specializations providing a wider network of potential employees.  Therefore, recruiters can tap into unfamiliar talent sources or pull from deeper talent pools than an applicant database or job board.
  • Experienced recruiters of a certain industry will know the marketplace extremely well.  This inside understanding will prove beneficial to clients looking to hire in a particular field.  Well established and connected recruiters have a deep intrinsic knowledge about specific industries and corporate cultures.  As a result, the recruiter is able to submit qualified candidates knowing each has a personality that will mesh well into the hiring company.
  • Recruiters will strengthen their own reputation and integrity by finding candidates that are better than what the clients can find on their own.  This invested interest perpetuates value for everyone.
  • The good recruiter wants to find the right person for the job.  They are not interested in only filling an opening.  Again, this strengthens the integrity of the recruiter while building success for a client and the chosen candidate.
  • Recruiters can keep a confidential aspect to a search in order to keep the opening discreet from the client’s current employees.
  • The recruiter will negotiate to form an agreement between the potential hire and the client avoiding the roadblocks companies can often stumble upon while trying to hire the perfect candidate.

If you are a hiring agent looking to fill a position, please consider these aspects to what you will gain by working with a recruiter in finding the best talent for your organization.

If you would like to build an elite team for your company or take the next steps in your own career, we can help you. Please reach out to us by calling (415)893-1020 or email Also, check out our website at

Talent Showcase – January 2012

January 26th, 2012

Candidate #3555 – Forensic Accounting and Database E-Discovery Consultant/Expert – West Coast

Relevant Experience:

I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) focused on providing forensic accounting and database e-discovery services. I have over 20 years of experience serving the legal community on a wide variety of civil and criminal matters.  Previously I spent 10 years with a powerhouse corporation.  I am experienced with all phases of the dispute process including initial investigation of the facts, assisting with e-discovery, analyzing and explaining complex data, developing strategy, and providing deposition and trial testimony as an expert witness.  I am also an expert on computer databases and an accomplished programmer.


I have worked with all sizes of legal firms and organizations.  Several of my larger matters have included:

  • The Orange County bankruptcy representing Merrill Lynch and other defendants.
  • The Enron litigation assisting with the defense of a law firm involved with the Enron subsidiaries.
  • Refuting IRS audit adjustments involving Berkshire-Hathaway.

I have made significant contributions to numerous legal matters including:

  • Providing expert accounting and business advice.
  • Developing relevant and creative analyses.
  • Developing sophisticated database programs analyzing accounting and business information.
  • Developing sophisticated damage and claim models providing the legal team with tools to evaluate various scenarios and strategies.
  • Testifying as a forensic accounting and QuickBooks expert in Federal District Court.
  • Developing software programs to extract data out of QuickBooks and automate common e-discovery tasks.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


Candidate #16517 – Regional Sales Manager – Mid West Region

Relevant Experience:

Over 18 years as an individual contributor and Regional Sales Manager selling solutions to the top levels of corporations, law and tax firms, marketing firms, government, colleges and Hospitals.  I specialize in many fields and industries including; software enterprise solutions, global marketing research, regulatory compliance information, B2B and B2C.


Recently,  I have been promoted three times in 5 years due to continually exceeding annual goal expectations.  I have received many awards in my career including rookie distinction awards and sales incentive trip.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


Candidate #493 – Vice President of Sales – Southwest Region

Relevant Experience and Accomplishments:

Accomplished sales leader with a global information solutions company including over seventeen years of progressive experience in executive sales management and strategic accounts roles.

I have broad-based senior leadership, sales & account management and strategic planning expertise within the legal, business online information and software technology markets.  I have successfully worked in all segments including the Government, Large Law Firm and Corporate channels.  I have successfully built and grown $120M+ and $100M sales organizations that operate globally.  In addition, I have a MBA from a top-tier institution and Juris Doctor degree.

A summary of my sales achievements are as follows:

  • Two times National Award Winner including 2010 (#1 ranked sales position in the company)
  • Eight times President’s Club Winner (top 10% of the 1000 person sales organization)
  • Six times promoted to advanced positions with increased responsibilities
  • Established revenue retention process that resulted in 10% YOY and $10M top line growth
  • Led field sales Integration of $20M high growth public records business
  • Sold the largest new to online $2M corporate sale in company history

More specifically, I offer:

  • An unparalleled track record of performance for delivering above plan, a sense of urgency and a proven work ethic while ensuring optimum quality and effectiveness.
  • Transformational leadership abilities, a strong financial acumen and change management skills to attain sales and revenue goals in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment.
  • Solid interpersonal dynamics for earning the trust and respect of c-level decision makers and building team relationships across channels to realize corporate objectives.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact

Top Talent – December 2011

December 8th, 2011


Candidate # 13578 – Senior Executive/Leader – South Region

Relative Experience:

There are many people out there with great credentials on paper, but what’s not on paper is what really makes the difference.  I take an existing organization and make it better. How?  I start by creating a new vision for a company. I hire strategically, and position people for their strengths. I build a healthy corporate culture that makes it easy to attract and retain top performers. 

I am metrics driven, I manage expectations, and I break down silos for clear communication. I genuinely believe in each person’s ability to develop both personally and professionally. My role is to create an atmosphere of trust where each person is valued, encouraged, provided freedom, empowered, and held accountable.


  • Transformed business model from transaction, telesales to relationship-based sales

  • Increased revenue almost 15X

  • More than doubled EBITDA

  • Expanded offerings from one legacy product into four specialized service offerings

  • Grew client base from fewer than 100 to several thousand, including many of the nation’s most prominent CPA firms, associations, and Fortune 500 companies
  • 2011 set a new record for sales, overall revenue and EBITDA
  • Ushered the company into the social media age, with twitter, blogs, and more than 50 product videos that effectively and creatively communicated our message

I’d like to work with your team to take your organization to the next level too.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


Candidate #3047 – Sales/Account Management Professional – Northeast Region

Relative Experience:

Highly motivated sales professional with a record of accomplishment demonstrating knowledge and career progression based on significant achievement; diversified background that includes a balance of new business sales, account management and sales management.  Core competencies include:

  • New Business Sales & Account Management – Generated ‘net-new’ business and developed lasting business relationships within major accounts in the banking, finance, legal, corporate-legal, insurance, medical, and government markets by applying consultative, solution-based techniques representing providers of market premium services; effective territory management including the development and execution of account strategies that result in revenue growth.
  • Team Leadership & Development – Adept at leading individuals and teams to exceed organizational objectives while emphasizing personal and professional growth.  Recruited, trained and managed productive sales representatives, relationship managers and support personnel. Professionally trained in one-on-one field coaching techniques. 

Main strength lies in cultivating productive business relationships within accounts in variety of industries, utilizing  consultative, solutions-based approach to sales to address customer needs with appropriate services and products; also adept at building and training goal-oriented teams that consistently deliver on and exceed sales targets. As top-ranked sales leader with record of increasing revenues, I am certain to contribute to your company’s bottom-line success.


In my most recent roles with a major legal services provider, I fueled revenues by collaborating with large law firms’ senior executive team to identify and develop plans to address their unique needs, leveraging the appropriate resources to realize their goals. I also managed a territory with annual revenues exceeding $8 million. Prior to this, I performed in such positions as Manager of Account Services, Senior Customer Solutions Manager, and Account Manager. A few highlights from my career include:

  • Being recognized as a member of the “100% Club” for sales performance at company’s 2009 National Sales Meeting.
  • Ranking in top 15% for total sales performance among my employer’s Large Law Client Managers in the United States in 2008 at 107% of the goal.
  • Renegotiating multiple, multi-year service agreements with large law firms assigned to me in 2010, resulting in retained and increased revenues for my employer totaling more than $1.97 million during terms of the agreements.
  • Being recognized as “Corporate Market Superstar” in 2000, 2001, and 2002 and producing business greater than $1 million while achieving quota each year (with peak of 160% in 2002).
  • Managing a staff of 12 account managers servicing a revenue base of >$70 million annually. Under my leadership the district account management group maintained excellent account retention (>99%) and revenue generation in an extremely competitive marketplace.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


Candidate #281 – Sales Manager/Leader – West Coast Region

Relative Experience and Accomplishments:

With years of experience in the Legal Services industry I am seeking a challenging sales position with the opportunity for advancement and development.

  • Owned and operated my own Attorney Service and developed it into the one of the largest in the country.
  • Worked for a major legal publisher as a Sales Rep and a Regional Sales Manager for eleven years.
  • Sold numerous products including online legal research, print, and CD, practice management and form software and legal advertising.
  • Was a top 10% Sales Rep and Manager and Circle of Excellence winner.  Was voted MVP on numerous occasions.  Can always be depended upon to deliver the number.
  • Ran my team by situational leadership type and maintained the most tenured team in the country for 8 years straight.

I’m a big believer in solution selling and believe it is a major reason for my success and the success of my team.

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


Candidate # 16371 – Senior Director of Sales – Midwest Region

Relevant Experience:

Experienced leader with established track record of results.  Repeatedly demonstrated ability to successfully lead teams of all varieties. Focused on driving short and long term business growth through strategic planning, demand generation, vigorous leadership and execution.  Proven winner.  Held the following positions:

  • Senior Director, Pricing and Customer Loyalty – Responsible for growing revenue through customer centric, simplified pricing programs and increasing customer loyalty and retention in the $500M+ Business Unit.
  • Senior Director, Channel Strategy – Responsible for creating/implementing programs in the following areas:  organizational structure, alignment and sales strategy, compensation and reward systems, product launches, lead generation programs and company acquisitions. 
  • Senior Director, Inside Sales – Responsible for day-to-day sales and revenue activities of 200 employee telesales organization.  Developed go-to-market business strategies and executed upon those strategies.  Responsible for the hiring and development of all employees.  Partnered with Channel Sales and Direct Marketing organizations to build/iterate cohesive Channel Strategy.  Other responsibilities: forecasting, budgeting, headcount and business planning.
  • Director of Field Sales – Responsible for day-to-day activities of 7 regional sales managers and 62 sales representatives in an 8 state area.  Sales responsibility in excess of $30M.  Activities include hiring/training of managers and employees, territory planning and management, execution of strategic marketing plan, forecasting, budgeting, and accountability management. 


  • Drove Sales and Revenue Performance — Six Time President’s Club and National Award Winner
  • Launched Market Changing New Products
  • Transformed Sales Channel and Compensation Structure
  • Redefined Pricing and Product Architecture Strategy
  • Re-Engineered Internal Processes

For more information regarding this candidate or other candidates with similar qualifications, please contact


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